Moral jewellery are designed for stylish, ethically conscious people who are aware and interested in other people and the surrounding environment. The philosophy of Moral is that it is possible to be fashionable, chic and ethically devoted all at the same time.

The basis of Moral – products is the fusion of design, nature and the different cultures. The raw materials are mainly nature’s own, ecologically produced and coloured materials - such carefully treated palm seeds. Moral jewellery are designed by young, talented designers, and they are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans in Colombia. All products meet the high European quality standards, yet maintaining the feeling and human touch of their makers.


Costo is a Finnish design company that designs and produces innovative and unique products of mainly recycled materials in a sustainable manner. Costo’s hats are fun, colorful and different, and are they suit well to other Moral-offering.

Costo’s hats are made in small batches, mainly by request. They are designed in Finland by and produced in Finland and Estonia.

A distinctive feature in many of Costo’s hats is a furry bobble, which can also be removed, if necessary. Costo has been formed by Finnish design professionals, for whom the understanding of the materials, design and quality is of utmost importance. Read more at

In addition to the brands mentioned above, we are aiming to bring new, interesting and ideologically suitable products to our offering, and by this manner keeping our selection as interesting, inspiring and fresh as possible.

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