What makes us ecological?

Being ecological is often a complex concept, involving lots of images and feelings. Sometimes it is even difficult for public to trust, which company is truly ecological and which is not.

In Moral jewellery the ecological focus starts from the raw materials. The majority of Moral jewellery is made of nature’s own, fascinating materials - Tagua palm seeds - that are carefully selected and treated by to highlight their unique, natural beauty.

Tagua - also known as vegetable ivory - has a long history in handicrafts. Due to its fascinating appearance Tagua is used for highest quality buttons, figurines and jewellery. Today the use of Tagua furthers important environmental and socioeconomic goals by stimulating the local economies and microenterprises in South America. Using Tagua for jewellery provides an alternative to cutting down the rainforests.

A great focus has also been paid to the fastening systems of the jewellery, that are adjustable and metal-free, whenever possible. This also serves our purpose of offering natural, non-allergic products.

Why our products are unique?

The unique natural elements, forms, and grain structures and the individual production method make each piece of Moral jewellery different from one another. The colours of Moral jewellery have been achieved by using high quality plant based, ecological colours. The designs of the jewellery intentionally leave plenty of space for nature’s own, captivating shapes, grain structures and beautiful simplicity.

What makes our production ethical?

For us being ethical means respecting and enhancing the humane aspect in the whole value chain; from raw material sourcing to sales.  This is possible because we personally know the people involved in Moral jewellery, and the other brands we represent. We also make sure that people in the chain receive a fair compensation, and the chance for personal development in their work.

The other ethical dimension of Moral is the charity work. A part of the profits of Moral's activities are donated to help children of problematic background in Colombia by the means of direct help and art therapy. Of this part of our activity, we will tell you through our Facebook community.

You can find the link to our Facebook page from upper right corner of this page. Join in, and be part of also many benefits that come along, for example monthly draws we make among the likers.

Making of Moral jewellery

What normally catch your eye 
in a piece of a jewellery are the design
and the materials.

How have these elements been mastered
in Moral jewellery?

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