Making of Moral jewellery


Everything is designed in this world, but only few things have been designed well. The design, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, nature, technology and culture. Adopting this guideline has been also the keystone of Moral jewellery, with an honest ambition to create pieces of natural, individual jewellery that fit the needs of casual days as well as special occasions.

Everything we wear sends a message to other people. We want to make sure it is a positive one.

Raw materials

The raw materials of Moral jewellery come from the most beautiful, exotic nature. The main raw material for the jewellery are the palm seeds, which through a long and careful treatment are refined into gorgeous, captivating and unique jewellery elements.

The colours of Moral jewellery have been achieved by using high quality plant based, ecological colours that meet the high European standards.


An important part of the Moral jewellery is the individual production method. Pieces of Moral jewellery are natural not only through their materials, but also because they are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, who feel pride for their work.

The materials, techniques and styles are part of the cultural tradition of the Latin America, that has been passed from one generation to another. Through Moral jewellery these skills and tradition have now received a new audience and a channel to bring joy, colour and true natural beauty to the other side of the world.


The exotic natural raw materials of Moral jewellery are beautiful and luxurious, but at the same delicate, needing constant attention and skill in the production process. To achieve the perfect end result, the handling processes must be carried out carefully. This is how the density of the materials will be correct, enabling the perfection. For the quality of the raw material and colouring the experience and know-how play the key role.

The same applies to the quality of handicraft. The artisans are skilled professionals that master the techniques and tradition of the jewellery making. The high quality is self-evident objective and a matter of honor for the artisans themselves. Each piece of jewellery is individually checked before packing, ensuring the quality and customer satisfaction.

What makes us ecological

In Moral jewellery the ecological
focus starts from the raw materials.

What other aspects make us

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