Moral Background

New and interesting phenomena are often started when things are combined with new, inspiring and unconventional ways. This is also how the story of Moral jewellery all started.

Exotic nature, rich Latin culture, and Scandinavian simplicity all meet in a nuanced and fascinating way in Moral jewellery. Each piece of Moral jewellery is handcrafeted of unique, asymmetric and genuine palm seeds with care by skilled artisans. This makes Moral jewellery also a unique and very personal gift. Moral concept was started in 2007, and has since then established its position as a trendsetter in ecological fusion jewellery in Scandinavia.

In addition to jewellery, we continuously seek new lifestyle products that are compatible with our ideology. The common dimensions in all our products are the beauty, personality and quality. The product must always attract and look good. The beautiful end result, however, does not hide anything that you would not want to hear. The interest to the origin of the products, the ethical production method and the natural origin of the materials are the determining values in everything we do.

Jewellery and clothing are part of the person’s appearance and personality, and at best, effective eye-catchers. We believe it is important to be yourself, and to be able to communicate your values to the world around you!

What makes us ecological?

In Moral jewellery the ecological
focus starts from the raw materials.

What other aspects make us

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